Dennis King
Executive Director

Dennis King is the Executive Director of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Silicon Valley, the chair of the Chambers of Commerce Coalition of Santa Clara County, board member of the San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce and a member of numerous other association boards and advisory committees.

King had served as the Chair, International Committee of the San Jose Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce for four years where he Co-Chaired Silicon Valley's NAFTA committee. King hosted incoming delegations from more than twenty-five nations and sent trade missions abroad.

King has served as President, Pacific Neighbors, Inc. (Sister Cites San Jose) for more than ten years. He is a member of the Advisory Committee, International House, San Jose State University, Advisory Committee of the San Jose Jobs Corps, the Industry Advisory Committee of the Center for Education and Training (CET).  

Currently, Dennis King is the state parliamentarian and board member of the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce.


Lourdes Arvizu
Chief Financial Officer

SBDC-Hispanic Satellite


Lourdes Arvizu has been running her own bookkeeping and financial services business for 8 years.  Lourdes brings a strong base of knowledge and experience in the areas of accounting, bookkeeping, marketing, management start-up, and business organizational culture. She loves to share financial management tools and teach Quickbooks to help small business get organized and bankable. Lourdes is fluent in Spanish.


Connie Madrigal
Office Manager

SBDC-Hispanic Satellite


Connie Madrigal provides financial and administrative support to the SBDC centers. She has a wealth of knowledge in account management, collections, financial analysis and day-to-day operations of large to small size organizations.  She facilitates information and communication exchanges that allow administrators and staff to operate efficiently. During her career, she has worked with several hi-tech companies where she worked in a global business environment. Connie studied accounting and finance at Evergreen Valley College and is fluent in Spanish.